2023 in Review: The Journey of EcoSimmer's First Full Year

2023 in Review: The Journey of EcoSimmer's First Full Year

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2023 has been a year of discovery and development for us. In our first full year of sales, EcoSimmer has found its way into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts, backpackers, and campers who share our passion for efficient, eco-friendly cooking solutions.

From the outset, our mission has been clear: to redefine outdoor cooking with innovation, sustainability, and ease. The response from our community in our first year has been nothing short of inspiring. Your support has propelled EcoSimmer from an idea to a product that's not just changing the way we cook outdoors but how we think about modernizing our outdoor experiences. Your feedback has been the heartbeat of our progress and has helped inform us on our path forward for 2024.

Couple backpacking with EcoSimmer in Lake Tahoe

1. The use cases for EcoSimmer are more diverse than we ever imagined

Our customers have shown EcoSimmer being used in a wide variety of applications all around the world! There are many people using EcoSimmer for backpacking and camping, either with batteries on trail or power banks at a camp site. Making hot coffee and oatmeal on trail in the morning without flames, fumes, or hassle is a clear winning value proposition.

There are also a ton of people using EcoSimmer on road-trips or in their car/truck to make hot drinks or meals on the go. From keeping coffee hot in the car between job sites, to making ramen on the go at truck stops without flame, EcoSimmer is traversing the country with people and keeping stomachs warm. As one customer said: “I frequently take long vehicle trips into the mountains, and often find myself wanting to make a quick backpacking meal on the road. In those situations, I often don't want to set up a fuel burning stove and would prefer to have something that can quickly heat water in the car.”

EcoSimmer is also being used for emergency preparations. Combined with solar panels or other means of power generation, EcoSimmer is findings its way into ‘go-bags’ for many. We’ve even learned that EcoSimmer has been sent to the Ukraine to help cook when power goes out.

Man plugging EcoSimmer Electric Backpacking Stove into Power Bank while Camping

2. Our community is eager to engage and to help develop the product with us

We’ve reached out to our customers and have had great feedback on your experiences with EcoSimmer. Dozens of our initial customers have provided feedback on how they use EcoSimmer and what they’d like to see improved upon most. We've learned about meals shared with friends, quiet moments by the lake with a warm cup of coffee, and the peace of mind knowing that our flameless technology is not just convenient but safe for the environment.

EcoSimmer’s compatibility with various power banks, batteries, wall chargers, and more is a winning value proposition. The universal compatibility of USB-C is something that is simplifying lives and cooking experiences. Additionally, the newfound silence of electric backcountry cooking is a hit for people using EcoSimmer from their tents in the morning: “The silence of this is amazing. No clicking or clunking or hissing of flames.” These fundamental qualities of EcoSimmer we are eager to continue supporting.

Woman backpacking and holding EcoSimmer electric stove

3. People are excited about the tech and eager for higher power

Power and USB-C technologies are improving every year. When EcoSimmer first hit the market, there were only a few 100W USB-C batteries and AC/DC adapters available on the market. Now 100W is quickly becoming the standard, and 140W is becoming the new frontier (and we’re working on it!).

A 140W powered EcoSimmer can mean up to 50% faster boiling times, and our early R&D has shown negligible impacts to heating efficiency! This means that with the same size of battery, any coffee or food heated with EcoSimmer can reach your desired temperature 50% faster with the same amount of power remaining in a power bank or battery. We are excited to be working on this technological upgrade, as well as some efficiency improvements for our original 100W design. Stay tuned!

2024 will be a year of continued innovation

The spirit of innovation that propelled us in 2023 is the same spirit that will guide us in the coming years. Together, we're not just creating a product; we're crafting experiences, memories, and a new era of outdoor cooking. It's heartening to hear stories of hot meals enjoyed on mountain peaks, warm beverages savored on trail or on the road, and the convenience our portable stove has added to your outdoor lifestyle. Witnessing how EcoSimmer has become an integral part of your journeys has been a highlight of our year. Thank you for being a part of the EcoSimmer journey. Here's to a year filled with progress, community, and the exciting future that lies ahead.