Man admiring scenery while electric backpacking stove cooks dinner sustainable


Flameless Backcountry Cooking

The World’s First Electric Backpacking Stove

Woman plugs electric camping stove into battery with USB-C cable

Easy to use

Just plug it in

No assembly. Just you and nature. Uninterrupted. Just plug EcoSimmer in like a phone, auto-simmer, and enjoy.

Simmer Anywhere


Lightweight and Compact. Use EcoSimmer rain or shine, in your tent, or on the trail. Wherever adventure takes you.
Man packing flameless camping stove into backpack
EcoSimmer electric backpacking stove plugged into a battery in nature


Battery Powered

No more canisters and no more fossil fuel in the backcountry. EcoSimmer is flameless, green-tech, and reusable.


Blue skies, sunsets, the sound of wind in the trees. EcoSimmer helps you get back into nature. Uninterrupted.

Stop Using 100-Year-Old Tech

You’re looking for the best backpacking stove. That used to mean fuel canisters, assembly, balancing pots, and managing flames. Now it’s time for the next generation of eco friendly, battery-powered stoves.
Now it’s time for EcoSimmer.

Woman in bright yellow raincoat with backpack with electric camping stove in pocketWoman in bright yellow raincoat with backpack with electric camping stove in pocket

Our Promise

Let’s Stop Wildfires

We make it easy to get back to nature, protect the environment, and prevent wildfires. With a warm meal in hand.

Don’t take our word for it:

It was cold and raining on us. I was exhausted. The last thing I wanted to do was to leave the tent. So, I plugged in my EcoSimmer and made dinner from my warm sleeping bag.

Chris Hoch

River in forest with clouds and mountain

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