ON: Simply plug EcoSimmer into a compatible 100W USB-C power source and it will automatically turn on and begin heating. 

OFF: EcoSimmer will automatically stop heating and turn off when:
•Unplugged from a power source
•A boil is detected
•No contents are detected

When turned on, EcoSimmer will display two numbers, which can be read vertically as the temperature of its contents in Celsius. For example: when EcoSimmer displays “93”, its contents are at 93ᵒC, (199ᵒF). 

Generally, the numbers in Celsius can be interpreted as the % progress towards boiling as well.

When a boil is reached, the numbers will flash rapidly, indicating that heating has stopped. EcoSimmer will continue to flash until unplugged.

In order to use EcoSimmer in the outdoors, you will need 3 things:
1) EcoSimmer
2) USB-C cable which supports 100 W (included with EcoSimmer)
3) 100 W power source (sold separately – see Battery Guide)
You will not need any pots, pans, lighters, or gas canisters! 

Nice to have: a water filter. EcoSimmer can boil water to purify it, however using already purified water is a quick and simple way to save energy in your battery and shave minutes off of cooking time. 

See Battery Guide for more details.

EcoSimmer is hand-wash only. 

Wash EcoSimmer thoroughly before first use and after every use. Hand wash using a cloth with warm, soapy water. Us mild soap and avoid cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasive, or other harsh chemicals. Use extra caution when cleaning near the EcoSimmer USB-C port and do not let water come in contact with the USB-C port. The lid can be washed on the top-rack of the dishwasher. 

Yes! EcoSimmer is safe, durable, and eco-friendly. It has been tested and certified to UL and CSA 60335-1 by SGS.

See User Manual for additional safety considerations. 

There are no dynamic settings to change the cooking speed of EcoSimmer, however there are several ways you can get hot food or drinks faster:

1) Try coffee temp – if your water is already purified and don’t require a boil, try heating to a lower temperature.

2) Keep the lid on – to reduce heat waste and to ensure all heat goes towards warming up your food or drinks.

3) Use only as much water needed–no more. Water heats linearly, so reducing the amount of water will proportionally decrease heating time and energy drain on your battery.

4) Start with warmer water – try starting with warmer water to reduce the temperature differential to coffee temp or to boiling temp.

As well, shave minutes off your cooking time by bringing water to a coffee temp or to a simmer, not all the way to a boil. 
212ᵒF (100ᵒC) Boiling Temp
158ᵒF (70ᵒC) Coffee Temp
68ᵒF (20ᵒC) Room Temp
32ᵒF (0ᵒC) Freezing

A fully charged 100 Wh battery can bring roughly 32 fl. oz. of water to a boil, or 64 fl. oz. of water to coffee temperature with EcoSimmer. 

See How can I cook faster?

Yes! If you have access to a power outlet, you can use this to power EcoSimmer. Simply use a converter or power brick which can output 100 W of USB-C power to EcoSimmer. 

Yes! However, EcoSimmer requires a continuous supply of 100 W to work and solar is often too intermittent to support this. Solar however can be used to recharge batteries for a 100% fully renewable backcountry cooking solution!

No. EcoSimmer is rated to be water resistant to IP54 standards. EcoSimmer is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water.

[Information about this should be on the product page]

EcoSimmer can bring 8 fl. oz. of water to coffee temp in under 10 minutes, 16 fl. oz. to coffee temp in under 20 minutes, and 16 fl. oz. to a boil in under 30 minutes. 

For more information, see How can I cook faster?

With EcoSimmer you can simmer anywhere! 

EcoSimmer was designed with hikers and backpackers in mind. Use EcoSimmer in rain or shine. Inside from the comfort of your tent, or outside in the elements. EcoSimmer can also be used at home or on the road. 

EcoSimmer works with anywhere between 8 fl. oz. (237 mL) and 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) of water. Below 8 fl. oz., EcoSimmer may detect that water is missing and will automatically turn off. Do not use more that 16 fl. oz. (473 mL) of water (roughly ½ inch below the top of the inner metal cup). 

Yes! EcoSimmer can be used as a cup or bowl to heat up food, though EcoSimmer works best at heating up soup, stews, dehydrated meals, ramen, or other water-based meals. 

There could be several reasons for this, but the most common are: 

1. The battery is not outputting 100W of power. If this is occurring, please check that a compatible battery or power source is being used and that a continuous 100 W is being provided to EcoSimmer. See Battery Guide for more details.

2. The USB-C cable does not support power transfer of 100 W. EcoSimmer requires 100 W. 

Not all USB-C cables are made the same, so please ensure that the USB-C cable included with EcoSimmer is being utilized to guarantee that a compatible cable is being used. Some USB-C cables support data transfer, some support power transfer, and some support both. Any cable related for below 100W of power transfer (such as 30 W, 45 W, or 60 W) will not work with EcoSimmer. 

For a replacement USB-C cable, please contact EcoSimmer directly at info@ecosimmer.com.

EcoSimmer is proudly designed and
assembled in the USA!

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See Returns & Warranties page.