100 Watt USB-C Batteries Compatible with EcoSimmer Electric Backpacking Stove

Our Recommended Batteries to Use With EcoSimmer

There are key specs to consider when choosing a battery for EcoSimmer backpacking stove. Check out our guide on recommended batteries for EcoSimmer.

Our Top Recommended Batteries to Use With EcoSimmer

We know how time-consuming it is to find a battery pack with all the right specs — trust us, we've been there! And not just any battery will work with EcoSimmer, so we did the testing and research for you. This guide will help you choose the right battery for your EcoSimmer backpacking stove.  

For EcoSimmer to work, you'll need a USB-C power source that outputs 100W. It's essential to check for the correct specifications since USB-C sources can vary in output (i.e., 45W, 60W, etc.). However, any lower than 100W is not enough to power your EcoSimmer.

You can get 100W USB-C in the form of batteries and wall outlets (if they use AC power). Or even from car chargers via traditional cigarette lighter plugs. Although, a battery is lightweight and mobile, making it the most efficient USB-C source for backpacking.

Like batteries, not all USB-C cables support 100W of power transfer. Fortunately, each EcoSimmer backpacking stove comes with a compatible 100W USB-C cable. So all you need to worry about is finding a compatible battery–and we’re here to help!

Our EcoSimmer branded USB-C cable has the EcoSimmer logo and clearly states 100W on both ends. This way, you can’t accidentally mix it up with another cable, and you’ll know it’ll work with your EcoSimmer. 

Choosing an EcoSimmer Battery: What to Look For

Electric camping stove plugged into battery and cooking on tree stump in nature

We have tested most 100W USB-C batteries on the market, so you don't have to. Each battery varies in price and features, which can impact how well it performs and for which activities it's suitable. 

Before we get into the details of specific batteries you can use, here are a few points to consider:

  • You can bring any EcoSimmer battery on a plane. 100W is the “maximum” allowed battery capacity for lithium-ion batteries on airplanes. The FAA requires 100W USB-C lithium-ion batteries to be in carry-on baggage only — not checked bags. 
  • It's usually best to opt for a battery's newest generation. Newer models usually provide more information in their display, such as how much run time is left — shown in minutes or a percent. They also tend to charge faster. So, if one of your goals is to recharge via solar, newer batteries are for you.

Beyond that, the key factors to consider are:

  • Weight and Dimensions — for backpacking, opting for a lightweight and compact battery is recommended. However, for lighter camping trips, the size and weight may not concern you. 
  • Watt Hours (Wh) — this measures battery capacity, meaning how many watts (power) can be supplied for how long. For example, a 100Wh battery can supply 100 Watts of power for 1 Hour."

To give you a better understanding, we've compared EcoSimmer's compatible batteries and shortlisted each one's most relevant specs. The following table highlights the functional features of each:


Price (USD)*

Weight (Ounces)

Dimensions (Inches)

Battery Capacity (Wh)**

Anker 747 $199.99 19.0 7.2 x 3.2 x 0.9 94.7
Anker 737 $149.99 22.2 6.1 x 2.2 x 2.0 86.4




6.0 x 3.5 x 1.0


ZMI PowerPack



7.4 x 3.2 x 1.1


Zendure Supertank Pro



4.9 x 2.9 x 1.9





5.9 x 2.3 x 1.8





6.4 x 5.3 x .1


Easylonger 1



7.1 x 3.0 x .8


Easylonger 2



7.1 x 3.0 x .8


Diginex iProPower



7.0 x 3.5 x 1.0


* Note: Battery prices as of 9/5/22. 

**Battery Capacity is a reflection of how much energy the battery stores. Shown here in Watt-hours (Wh), but this is also commonly displayed in/correlated to milliampere hours (mAh). 

EcoSimmer's Top 5 Recommended Batteries: Pros and Cons

Anker 747 — Name Brand with High Performance and Reliability 

Anker 747 Power Bank Battery 100W

Summary: The Anker 747 Power Bank is the first 100W battery on the market from World's #1 charging brand. It is dependable, reliable, and effective.


  • x2 USB-C outputs both support 100W (sufficient for powering EcoSimmer)
  • Ships with Anker PowerPort III 65W USB-C charging brick (a $40+ value)
  • High quality build for durability
  • Largest brand in batteries and charging
  • 8 LEDs show charge remaining (in 12.5% increments)


  • Expensive compared to many
  • USB-C ports cannot simultaneously support powering EcoSimmer and an additional output at the same time

GET Anker 747 NOW

Anker 737 — Name Brand with Detailed Readout Display  

Anker 737 Power Bank - 100 W USB-C

Summary: The Anker 737 Power Bank is similar to the 747 but in a different form-factor and with a detailed LED display. It's slightly smaller, but still packs a punch! From the World's #1 charging brand, it's dependable, reliable, and effective.


  • x2 USB-C outputs both support 100W (sufficient for powering EcoSimmer)
  • High quality build for durability
  • Detailed LED display that shows charge remaining to the %, battery temperature, input and output, and so much more!


  • Expensive compared to many
  • USB-C ports cannot simultaneously support powering EcoSimmer and an additional output at the same time

    GET Anker 737 NOW

    AOHI — EcoSimmer's Choice for Dependable Performance 

    AOHI 100 Watt USB-C Battery

    Summary: AOHI is one of EcoSimmer's primary workhorse batteries, and it's been tested during many outings and trips. It is our favorite affordable option to work with.


    • Holds 100Wh (30k mAH) to give you more battery life than others
    • Affordable price 
    • Only has 1 USB-C port, so there's no confusion (many batteries have 2 USB-C ports, but with only 1 that can support 100W)


    • Display only has 4 LEDs, so it's difficult to know how much charge is remaining (each LED represents 25% charge)


    ZMI PowerPack No. 20 Worldwide Edition — EcoSimmer's Choice for User-Friendliness

    ZMI Power Pack 20 - 100 Watt USB-C Battery for EcoSimmer

    Summary: Very high-performing, the ZMI Power Pack No. 20 has a detailed display to show you exactly how much charge it has and is our favorite sleek battery without any unnecessary features. 


    • Displays shows 0-100% of charge remaining (in 1% increments)
    • High-quality construction and sleek design 
    • Battery performs flawlessly in all testing
    • 25k mAH gives it a decent battery life


    • Often sold out
    • Moderate price point higher than budget options
    • Has 2 USB-C outputs (pro) but only 1 outputs 100W (don’t mix them up!)
    • Slightly bulkier than budget options, but more compact than some high-end options


    Zendure Supertank Pro — EcoSimmer's Choice for Durability

    SuperTank 100 Watt USB-C Battery Compatible with EcoSimmer

    Summary: Super durable and built to withstand even your most rugged adventures. Provides a detailed readout telling you exactly what's happening across all ports.  


    • Detailed digital display tells you exact battery life in percent and other battery statistics 
    • 100W input allows for rapid charging between use
    • 4 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port
    • 26.8k mAH gives it an extended battery life compared to most


    • Earlier model only supported 100W when greater than 50% of charge was remaining — be sure to opt for a newer model to use EcoSimmer
    • High price point 


    Shargeek — EcoSimmer's Choice for The Techie Backpacker

    Shargeek 100 Watt USB-C Battery Compatible with EcoSimmer Backpacking Stove

    Summary: The Shargeek battery has a transparent outer casing, letting you see the tech inside. On top of that, the detailed display that shows you its internal temp, power level (in percent), and more — a great option for the "techie" backpacker. 


    • Clear housing so you can see the battery's lithium cells and circuit board
    • 25.6k mAH gives it an extended battery life
    • 100W input for fast charging
    • 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port, 1 adjustable DC port


    • Pricey
    • Detailed display is small and difficult to read


    More Batteries Compatible With EcoSimmer

    Baseus — One of our new, smaller-sized favorites that's compact build makes it perfect for backpacking. User-friendly display that specifies how much time you have left before it needs recharging. Unfortunately, it has a shorter battery life–it’s simply a smaller battery on all accounts. 
    • Capacity: 20k mAH,  74.0 Wh
    • Detail display to show PCT battery level (minutes left)
    Easylonger 1 — One of EcoSimmer's original workhorse batteries during development. It's tried and tested to be a reliable power source with great battery life. It's affordable and works consistently, but it heats up fast and can overheat. Plus, it takes longer to charge with just 45W input charging.
    • Capacity: 26.8k mAH,  99.2 Wh
    • 4 LED dot display to show power level (in 25% increments)
    Easylonger 2 — Brother or Easylonger 1 with 4 LED dot display. Another dependable battery for backpacking with EcoSimmer. It offers multiple ports and is at an affordable price. But it takes a while to charge with just 45W input. 
    • Capacity: 26.8k mAH, 99.2 Wh
    • 4 LED dot display to show power level (in 25% increments)
    Diginex iProPower — Easy to use, ideal if you don't need anything overly-technical for your EcoSimmer. Offers 5 LEDs and multiple ports. However, it takes a while to charge and is a bit costly, considering the simplistic design.
    • Capacity: 27k mAH,  99.9 Wh
    • 5 LED display to show power level (in 20% increments)
    Electric backpacking and camping stove plugged into USB-C battery on tree stump

    Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Battery When Using EcoSimmer

    While testing batteries with EcoSimmer, we found a few practices that can make a huge difference in your USB-C battery performance. Listed below are recommendations for caring for your EcoSimmer battery:

    • Keep it cool. Batteries can get hot; we found that especially true with older models. Try to keep them out of the sun and prop them up to allow better airflow. Alternate batteries if you have multiple. Batteries will “shut off” and become less efficient if they get too hot. 
    • Pay attention to ports. Multiple USB-C ports on a battery can be confusing. Typically the "in/out" port supports 100W at 20V 5A, and the "out-only" does not. If you use a port that does not support 100W, the port will not work with EcoSimmer — try the other one and look carefully at the ports before use.
    • Don’t bring water to a full boil. Bring your drinks to a coffee temp (70C) instead of boiling (100C). Heating water from room temp to coffee temp takes 40% less energy and is 40% faster than bringing the same amount of water to a boil! Those are big savings! 
    • Use less water when possible. Be intentional with EcoSimmer — the laws of physics state that it takes 38 Wh to bring 2 cups (16 oz) of water to a boil. EcoSimmer is efficient but takes 48 Wh to bring 2 cups (16 oz) of water to a boil and will do so in ~30 mins. 
    • Start with warmer water. This will help you reach a boil quicker and ultimately conserve battery life.