Man adding boiling water from EcoSimmer electric backpacking stove to freeze dried backpacking meal

The Benefits of Cooking with EcoSimmer

Cooking outdoors should be an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Whether you're backpacking through the wilderness, camping with family, or embarking on a road trip, having a reliable and efficient cooking system is essential. That’s where EcoSimmer comes in: the world’s first electric backpacking stove designed to bring your outdoor culinary adventures into the 21st century.

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In this blog post, we’ll dive into the main benefits of using EcoSimmer. Beyond being 100% electric and USB-C powered, EcoSimmer is simple, efficient (saves time and battery), and is sustainable.

EcoSimmer is simple

One of the standout features of EcoSimmer is its simplicity. Unlike traditional camping stoves that require complicated setups and fuel management, EcoSimmer simplifies the entire process: you plug it in.

  • Add water. Plug it in. That's it.
    With EcoSimmer, there are no complex steps to follow. Simply add water (and optionally your dehydrated meal) to the stove, plug it into a compatible 100-140W USB-C power source, and it’ll automatically start cooking! The intuitive design ensures that both novice and expert campers can use it effortlessly.
  • No assembly required.
    Forget about fumbling with various parts and pieces. EcoSimmer comes ready to use straight out of the box. This means you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor activities and less time setting up your cooking gear.
  • No guessing fuel levels.
    Traditional camping stoves often leave you wondering how much fuel you have left. EcoSimmer runs on external power sources, namely, batteries, where most compatible batteries display the exact percentage of power remaining.
  • Simmer in your tent with no dangerous flames or fumes.
    EcoSimmer is designed for safe indoor use. You can cook inside your tent without the risk of open flames or harmful fumes from gas stoves, providing a safer and more comfortable cooking experience.
  • Automatic start and stop.
    Plug EcoSimmer in to turn it on. Unplug it to turn it off. When EcoSimmer detects that a boil is reached, it will automatically shut off as well. So, if you plug in EcoSimmer to cook while you set up camp, or if you fall back asleep while EcoSimmer is making coffee, it will automatically turn off once a boil is reached and will save your battery’s power, even if you do not unplug it.
  • Can be brought on a plane.
    Avoid trips to buy fuel when you land. EcoSimmer itself can be brought on a plane in your carry-on or checked in your luggage, and The batteries that support EcoSimmer can be brought in your carry-on baggage as well.

EcoSimmer is efficient (saves time and battery)

Time is important you're on an outdoor adventure. You should spend your time enjoying nature’s beauty, catching up with family and friends, and being adventurous! EcoSimmer’s hassle free design will free up your time to spend it how you want. And, with modern electric technology, you’ll never have to worry about how much charge your battery has, or what temperature your food or coffee is at: EcoSimmer and most modern batteries will tell you!

  • Don't wait for a boil before rehydrating your food.
    Many backpacking meals instruct you to add boiling water to rehydrate them, but did you know that if you add these meals and water into EcoSimmer, and then plug it in, you can enjoy your meal in the same time? For more on this, check out our recipes and demonstrations of the Simmer Method [coming soon].
  • Don't spend time assembling a cook system.
    With EcoSimmer, there's no need to waste time setting up a complicated cooking system. Simply plug it in to start cooking. With EcoSimmer, you can start cooking in seconds, not minutes.
  • Don't waste your attention balancing pots or watching flames.
    EcoSimmer's stable design eliminates the need for constant monitoring. You can set it up, let it do its job, and relax or attend to other tasks while your meal cooks.
  • Boil the amount of water you need—no more—saving you battery charge.
    EcoSimmer holds 16 fluid ounces (473 mL), which is generally more than enough water for meals or drinks for 1-2 people. If you want to save even more battery, consider cooking with the Simmer Method and being intentional about how much water you use for your meals. Less water = less power = faster boil times. To learn more about the energy efficiency of EcoSimmer, see our post on the Science of electric backcountry cooking [coming soon].

EcoSimmer is sustainable

Reusability is at the core of EcoSimmer's design. By choosing EcoSimmer, you're choosing to cook with modern technology and to avoid single-use fuels and to make a positive impact on the world.

  • EcoSimmer & batteries are versatile and reusable.
    EcoSimmer can be used to make hot food and drinks when backpacking, hikes, or camping, and EcoSimmer can also be used on your commute or in the office. The batteries you use with EcoSimmer can charge your phone, camera, headlamp, and even laptop! These technologies are truly solutions for both the backcountry and front country, increasing their practicality and use.
  • No fire. No flame. No fossil fuel.
    EcoSimmer’s electric design is fully reusable and can help eliminate dependence on using fire, flame, or fossil fuel in the backcountry. That said, traditional gas backpacking stoves are generally very safe, though even they can be banned due to their open flames during peak wildfire season and in extremely dry conditions.
  • No more difficult-to-recycle single-use gas canisters.
    Traditional camping stoves often rely on single-use gas canisters, which are challenging to recycle and can end up in landfills. By switching to EcoSimmer, you eliminate the need for these canisters, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor experience. In 2022, California introduced legislature (which was ultimately vetoed) to ban the sale of 1-pound single-use gas canisters in the state because of how often they become litter in our national parks. The fact that this type of legislation has been considered is a reflection of the need for electric backcountry cooking solutions.


EcoSimmer is revolutionizing the way we cook outdoors with its simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. While traditional gas stoves have long been reliable companions for outdoor enthusiasts, there are many scenarios where EcoSimmer’s electric design offers significant advantages. It's perfect for weekend or 2-3 day trips where you want a quick and easy setup, to avoid the hassle of fuel management, or to cook safely inside your tent without worrying about flames or fumes.

EcoSimmer is also an excellent choice for those who prioritize sustainability, offering a reusable alternative to single-use gas canisters and reducing your environmental footprint. The versatility of EcoSimmer and its compatibility with modern, rechargeable batteries make it a practical tool for both backcountry adventures and everyday use.

By incorporating EcoSimmer into your backcountry setup, you can enhance your trip planning and backcountry cooking experiences. There's a time and a place for both electric and traditional methods, and EcoSimmer stands out as a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s toolkit.